Successful economies rely on effective police services that respond quickly to customer, operate efficiently and set the highest standards of quality.

Police services are one of the most critical of all public services; societies depend on police services for their safety and security. Police services are also fundamental to society’s sense of wellbeing.

For the police services to operate effectively and efficiently, they need information and if they want to improve performance, they need feedback.

Common management wisdom dictates that “Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it.  If you can’t control, you can’t improve it” James Harrington.

In short what gets measured gets done. Therefore, Continuous measuring and monitoring of police performance is essential for keeping focus on all that matter for success.

The aim of this site is to have “One Stop” hub for police K.P.I s where police forces from around the globe can compare performances and best practices. Admittedly, many sources of information and police data are already available on-line and everything about police performance measurement has already been exhausted, however, interested parties need still   to search numerous sources in order to obtain a single piece of information.

We hope, that this site will offer police forces, police executives and other interested parties the opportunity to agree on a set of core business K.P.I, these K.P.I can then be the basis of police performance benchmarking and analysis.

The idea is to start with ten main K.P.I that can be agreed.  Each K.P.I will be given a common agreed upon definition and methodology of measurement. The website will be subscription based and privacy would be guaranteed, only subscribed members can access and obtain data.  Updating data and ensuring its accuracy and integrity is the sole responsibility of the K.P.I owner.

Its envisaged that the website could be developed to gradually to become a police benchmarking and best practice site.




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